Foxes wear people as coats in eos’ insane ads about soft skin

Mischief strikes again with a ludicrous premise for the brand’s shave cream that’s paid off with creepily amusing details

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May 10, 2023
A fox wearing a human as a coat while sitting on a red couch

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In the mood for some furry role reversals in your shaving-cream advertising? Then settle into a plush red couch next to a roaring fire and hit play on the videos below.

Following its recent men’s shaving cream ads, Mischief’s latest work for eos women’s shave cream is built around a preposterous yet somehow totally logical idea—that if you have really soft skin (which eos shave cream gives you, per the ads), then other exceedingly soft creatures might take notice. A fox, for example. Who might wear you for a change.


A second video takes a similarly bestial left turn, as a woman explains that her own eos-enhanced soft skin has attracted the attention of her dog. An awkward moment of reverse petting ensues.


As with most Mischief productions, these ads work so well not just because of the idea, which is unexpected and strong on its own, but through the details of the execution. (The spots were directed by Clay Weiner of Biscuit Filmworks.)

In the fox spot, for example, we get the slightly horrifying arm caresses; the fox’s David Sedaris-ish voice, which is somehow both soothing and scary at once; the lavish and completely on-brand fox abode; and the pleasantly goofy line about college credit. All of this allows the ridiculous idea itself to feel less like a try-hard gag and more part of a believable and amusing larger world. (Conceptually, the girl should probably be dead—though that was surely going a bit too far.)

The cherry on top at the end—the line “Skin so soft, even soft things think you’re soft”—is tonally perfect as well, the same pleasing combo of ornate and silly as everything that came before it.

“Eos is known for making your skin super soft, which made us wonder how the world’s softest creatures might feel about that,” said Dana Buckhorn, associate creative director at Mischief. “One minute we’re saying, ‘This is probably too weird, but…’ and the next we’re building a human-sized fox complete with interchangeable eyeballs.” 

“Two things continue to set eos shave cream apart: Innovative formulas that create a smoother, softer shaving experience; and the creative and memorable ways we tell people about it,” added Soyoung Kang, chief marketing officer at eos. “We’re excited to keep stoking the flames of a product which has taken the internet and Gen Z by storm.”

The eos shave cream line is the fastest-growing shave cream brand for the past two years, the brand says, accounting for 53% of the total women’s shave category growth in 2022. 


May 10, 2023
Client :
Agency :
Chief Marketing Officer :
Soyoung Kang
VP Brand Marketing and Media :
Carley Caldas
Creative Director :
Demi Ngai
Senior Brand Manager Content & Social :
Kirby Reynolds
Co-Founder & CCO :
Greg Hahn
Partner & Executive Creative Director :
Bianca Guimaraes
Partner & Executive Creative Director :
Kevin Mulroy
Dana Buckhorn
Tanner Thompson
President & Partner :
Kerry McKibbin
Managing Director :
Tyler Harris
Account Director :
Kelsey Brown
Account Executive :
Deven Sportelli
Head of Strategy :
Jeff McCrory
Strategy Director :
Brittany Dow
Partner & Head of Development :
Oliver McAteer
EVP Production :
Will Dempster
Producer :
Danielle Balanov
Production :
Biscuit Filmworks
Director :
Clay Weiner
Partner/Managing Director :
Shawn Lacy
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Holly Vega
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Krista Teague
Head of Production :
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Hair & Make Up Artist :
Cristina Rubiales
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Zero VFX
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Mark L'Heureux
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Sound Design/Mix :
Isaac Matus
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Austin Ferreira
Executive Producer :
Vicky Ferraro
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Eleni Giannopoulos

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