The Latest Animated Time Magazine Trump Cover Is Pretty Amazing

A Take on the POTUS' Battle With the NFL

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Sep 28, 2017

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Time magazine's just-released Oct. 9 cover�"a photo-illustration by Brobel Design�"feels spot-on and perfectly timed, but the animated version of it created for Time's social channels, is just ... amazing.

The static and animated covers front a story by Alex Altman and Sean Gregory, "Inside Donald Trump's Latest Battle Against the NFL," that reads, in part,

"For this President, the words usually matter less than the music. The point was not that he was attacking the actions of black football players; the point was that he was telling his supporters, once again, I'm one of you, I'm on your side, and I'm willing to endure the ridicule of the elites in order to say out loud what you are thinking. ... More important, it reminded Washington Republicans that he was not one of them. ... Or to put it in football parlance: Trump's playbook is to turn every battle into an away game for his opponents. Until they figure out how to win on Trump's turf, each new provocation by the President is likely to end in a victory for the White House."

Read the full Time story here.

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