Apple demonstrates how to unsend messages with tale of a dead lizard

The ad is one of two new spots for the iPhone 14, another demonstrating 'Action Mode'

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Jan 12, 2023

Editor's Pick

Apple has released two new spots demonstrating some of the features of the iPhone 14 -- and like all the best Apple work, they combine an effective product demo with some entertaining advertising. 

In one, a man sadly contemplates his pet lizard, which appears to have met an untimely end. He prods the lizard to no avail, then sends a text confessing: "I messed up....Leon is dead." However, the sound of the text unexpectedly revives the lizard and he rapidly has to recall the message before it's read -- which, of course, you can do no problem using the Messages Undo Send feature on iOS 16.4.

Another ad demonstrates the iPhone;s "Action Mode" with the tale of a super-enthusiastic mom filming her kid's school race. As she works her way along the entire length of the field (this mom is a fast mover), we see how Action mode on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models allow users to capture smooth hand-held video, even with shaky movement.


The two spots are part of the "Relax, it's iPhone" campaign. They were created by Apple, while the director was Andreas Nilsson via Biscuit, together with director of photography Linus Sandgren.