Apple iPhone ads tout its merits for the clumsy

No need to worry if you're a sloppy cook or a klutzy walker

Published On
Mar 29, 2021

Editor's Pick

The newest iPhone campaign from Apple finds comedy in clumsiness, as it sets out to demonstrate just how durable the iPhone 12 is. Even if you're a complete klutz.

Two fun new spots, directed by Kim Gehrig of Somesuch, include one where a woman goes into an epic fumbling sequence in an attempt not to drop her iPhone after it slips from her hand while walking along (we've all been there). It's all to no avail; it falls to the ground anyway, but (spoiler alert) it doesn't shatter thanks to its Ceramic Shield feature.

Another new ad features an amateur chef cooking in a super messy kitchen. His phone goes through all manner of potential damage, including falling in flour and into the basin with dirty dishes. He picks it up and simply wipes it clean. The spot is set to "Sauce" by Naika, whlie "Fumble" is soundtracked by Nitin Sawhney's "The Conference."