Apple products and ads take all the credit in retro Hollywood-style opener

Ahead of AppleTV+ announcement, brand pays homage to--itself

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Mar 25, 2019

Editor's Pick

Apple kicked off its special March 25 event today with this stunning show opener that pays tribute to the art of filmmaking--while celebrating its own product and marketing legacy.

It plays like a traditional movie opening sequence, but here, Apple products and ads are cast in all the key roles. Channeling classic broadcast and title design of the ‘60s a la Saul Bass with playful minimalist graphics, the opener introduces the event as a “Think Different” production, created in association with “the misfits, the rebels and troublemakers”--nods, of course, to one of the brand’s most famous ads.

The hammer-throwing warrior from Ridley Scott and Chiat/Day’s “!984” Super Bowl ad then steps into the spotlight, giving way to the production’s stars, including the Macintosh and “the phone that changed phones forever” (in a special appearance).

The production crew gets props too--with “sound by Homepod”--highlighted by colorful rays recalling the "Welcome Home" video and cameos from the silhouettes of the original iPod campaign, while editing credits go to “a thousand no’s for every yes.” As for writing, we can thank Apple Pencil, while for cinematography, #ShotoniPhone gets a call-out.

And let’s not forget the location scout, Apple Maps, or, the production assistant--Siri. Apple Pay served as executive producer, and sitting in the director’s chair? The crazy ones.

While the ad goes a bit over-the-top in celebrating Apple’s landmarks, it’s a veritable feast for the brand's fans, a dazzling treat that cleverly hyped what promised to be its biggest news of the day: its much-anticipated streaming video service, Apple TV+.