Apple says 'Goodnight' to its developers in poetic WWDC opener

Brand captures programmers toiling away till the wee hours

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Jun 04, 2019

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Yesterday, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple paid homage to its attendees with this poignant black-and-white film depicting programmers up until the wee hours, toiling away to see their projects to fruition. 

While the lights turn down on the rest of the world, their faces remain lit up—by both the glow of their screens and their own enthusiasm for the work. Despite failures, they plug on, taking breaks for their babies’ late-night feedings or jumping rope or slapping their own faces to stay awake. Then finally, they see the “Build Succeeded” emblem pop up on their Macs, and they can sit back and smile.

Endline reads, “While the world sleeps, you dream.”

The film follows a theme similar to the brand's ongoing "Behind the Mac" campaign, featuring folks from all walks of life hard at work at their computers.

Derek Cianfrance (“The Light Between Oceans,” “Blue Valentine”), who’s repped out of Radical Media for spots, directed the film. It’s a more poetic turn compared to Apple’s previous WWDC openers of the past, such as the Tom Kuntz-directed comedic blockbuster “Appocalypse,” which imagined a terrifying world without apps.

Yesterday at the conference, Apple also debuted this uplifting ad showcasing the new voice control accessibility feature for MacOS and iOS.