Apple unleashed a logo extravaganza to announce its upcoming special event

Brand's iconic logo gets slew of artistic treatments to ring in the October 30 announcement in Brooklyn

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Oct 24, 2018

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On October 30, Apple will be holding its next “Special Event,” and to ring in the news, it unleashed a logo extravaganza.

Industry press received invitations each with a different variation of the brand’s apple logotype. They featured a vast spectrum of colorful interpretations, including monochrome line-drawings, CG renderings, playful geometrics, cartoonish interpretations and pop art.

For those who didn’t get an invite, the online announcement depicts a new logo each time you refresh the page. One Apple user based in Tehran was diligent enough to pull all the versions here.

The idea is reminiscent of the brand's previous campaign for Apple Music, which featured musical notes rendered in an array of artistic styles.

During the event, to be held in Brooklyn, Apple is expected to make announcements on new iPad Pro tables and updates to the Mac lineup.

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