Apple TV+ gets inside a screenwriter's head as original films and series take shape

Traditional stories become fresh tales with the addition of a twist

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Dec 07, 2020

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With movie theaters struggling to fill seats, the best stories are being told on streaming platforms. Apple is touting its own platform, Apple TV+, with a new campaign that highlights the unorthodox plots that unfold.

Beginning with a simple logline detailing a typical story, a screenwriter makes small edits that result in huge twists. “In 1969, America lands the first man on the moon” becomes “In 1969, America watches as the USSR lands the first man on the moon.” It’s the elevator pitch to “For All Mankind,” and alternate history series that reimagines the space race.

Likewise, a story about a lawyer defending a man accused of murder becomes a tale of a lawyer defending his own son from the charges, the core dilemma of the Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery vehicle “Defending Jacob.”

Tom Hanks’ WWII film “Greyhound,” Sofia Coppola’s “On the Rocks” and series “The Morning Show” get similar treatments. It’s a device that’s visually reminiscent of Droga5’s work for the New York Times, though “The Truth is Worth It” follows the revisions reporters make to headlines as they uncover the real story, and Apple’s spot reflects the purposeful iterations of creative minds.

The campaign is running on broadcast and in digital and social placements, including TikTok and Snap.