Apple Watch users really frustrate Helena Bonham-Carter in new Series 6 ad

Following fall product event today, brand released funny spot showing that the 'future of health is on your wrist'

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Sep 15, 2020

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During its fall product launch event today, among the hardware Apple unveiled today was the latest iteration of the Apple Watch, which has now reached its sixth series. The brand has long-positioned the watch as a must-have gadget for protecting and monitoring your health. The presentation today was filled with anecdotes and stories from users whose lives were saved or completely transformed by the device, including users Ray and James whose watches alerted them to their elevated heart rates, sending them to the ER just in time. Tim Cook even spoke about how researchers are using Apple Watch data to try to understand the impact of COVID on the psychological well-being of frontline healthcare workers. In short, the Apple Watch does a lot.

That’s the point of a new ad Apple just released for the Apple Watch Series 6. The spot opens on a nighttime cityscape as a stately female narrator beckons viewers to imagine the future, when machine learning will finally give people the power to track their sleep. She’s abruptly cut short, however, by a woman who’s half asleep and tucked into bed. “Excuse me, ma’am? This already does that,” she informs the V.O., presenting the Apple watch on her arm.

Take two and the narrator begins again, and over scenes of waves splashing against rocks, she asks viewers to look ahead to when a tiny device with a heart rate sensor will alert them when their heart rate is too low. She’s foiled once more, this time by a yogi in a backward bend: “It already does that,” she whispers into her watch. 

The voiceover artist, who turns out to be actor Helena Bonham-Carter, continues to “prophesy” a remarkable new health technology, but scene after scene, she becomes increasingly flustered as active folks around the world—and even astronauts in space—remind her that such a future is already now, thanks to the Apple Watch. “Very cute,” she shrugs, and the spot closes with the line, “The future of health is on your wrist.”

The ad was directed by MJZ’s Craig Gillespie, who’s also made a name for himself on the big screen with acclaimed films including “I, Tonya” and “Lars and the Real Girl.”