Apple's fantastical ad introduces AirTag, a modern-day answer to the Clapper

Brand debuted the tracking device during its Spring Loaded event

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Apr 20, 2021

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Mover over, Clapper—Apple just debuted AirTag! Today at its Spring Loaded event, the tech giant unveiled its latest tiny-but-mighty invention, a little disc that allows you to track the important items that you’re probably constantly looking for—like your wallet or handbag.

Apple also created a humorous, unexpectedly fantastical spot to promote the new product. It starts off with a run-of-the-mill guy in his run-of-the-mill living room madly searching for something. He digs into a bowl of coins and checks his jacket pocket before pulling out his phone. One tap on his Find My app sends him diving into the couch—literally. As he digs his arm into the cushions, he’s sucked into a netherworld, plucking at mushrooms and reaching into crevices before he finally locates the object of his quest—his keys, which happen to be attached to AirTag.

Along with the AirTag spot, today, Apple also released a new ad promoting a new super-charged iPad Pro