Apple's joyous accessibility ad introduces its new voice control feature

Spot that debuted at WWDC stars activist Ian Mackay

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Jun 04, 2019

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One of the features Apple debuted at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday was Voice Control, which allows Mac and iPhone users to control their devices just by speaking. 

To introduce the feature, Apple dropped a new spot starring Ian Mackay, an activist, nature lover and former avid cyclist who became paralyzed from the neck down after a bike crash in 2008. Narrated by Mackay, it shows him at his computer, commanding it to write and send messages, open photos and scroll all with his voice. For any choices that would require him to click, the computer displays them all in a numbered list, and Mackay is then free to say which number he wants.

The spot then reveals Mackay had been setting a meet up with a cycling buddy, whom he later joins on the road to enjoy the open air. Corbett Jones directed via Pet Gorilla.

Apple is known for bringing a sense of joy to its accessibility promotions. In 2016, it created an uplifting ad with the help of an editor with cerebral palsy. 

Yesterday, the brand also debuted a poetic intro film honoring its WWDC attendees.