Apple’s latest ‘Relax, It’s iPhone’ spots include a dad terrified for his teenage driver

Andreas Nilsson directed the new campaign, which also digs into a kid’s seemingly endless martial arts training

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Jan 25, 2024
A man looking frightening sitting at a dining room table

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UPDATE: Soon after we posted this story, we saw yet another new “Relax, It’s iPhone” spot from Australia that’s also excellent. Directed by Tom Noakes, it focuses on the durability of the iPhone’s Ceramic Shield (a feature this series has spotlighted before) with the story of a cyclist being chased by one of the country’s notorious magpies.

Awesomely shot, the spot premiered during the semifinals of the Australian Open. You can see it here:


The original article follows:

Every spot in Apple’s “Relax, It’s iPhone” campaign—which has been running for three years now, ever since a pair of Kim Gehrig spots in March 2021—is built around anxiety. We meet characters who are often on the verge of disaster, before iPhone rescues them with some product feature that saves the day.

This makes for fun storytelling. It also serves—beyond pushing product features, which Apple always does—as a kind of overarching brand campaign for iPhone. It’s built on the insight that iPhone brings peace of mind—owners trust the product to make their lives easier. That’s a potent emotional pitch.

Two new “Relax, It’s iPhone” spots just dropped, and one centers on a classic source of parental anxiety—seeing their teenage driver take off down the driveway, alone at the wheel. The dad in “New Driver” is comically distraught, as we see in closeup after his daughter disappears into traffic.


Andreas Nilsson, master of the wordless character study, directed “New Driver,” which wraps with a product feature that puts Dad’s mind at ease.

A second spot, “One More,” also directed by Nilsson, is more thematically out there—featuring a kid practicing martial arts, with his family watching. As he tries repeatedly to break a set of boards, day turns to night—and his dad is forcing to continue filming. Luckily, there’s a product feature for that as well.


Automatic check-in, advertised in “New Driver,” arrived last fall with iOS 17, a software upgrade that was compatible with iPhone XS (from 2018) and newer devices. “One More” focuses more specifically on the battery life of the iPhone 15 Plus.

The music track on “New Driver” is “Goodbye” by Nathan Yell. The “One More” spot features the song “How Many Times” by JJ & The Mood.

See more “Relax, It’s iPhone” spots below, including the fantastic “R.I.P. Leon” commercial, also directed by Nilsson, which came out a year ago.

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