Hulu gave its logo to a bunch of artists and this is what they did with it

Brand debuts Hulu IDs with artwork from diverse talents

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Apr 07, 2022

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Hulu’s logo just got a lot more playful. 

A new campaign invited artists from all over the world to let loose on the streaming company’s wordmark, resulting in a series of vibrant, lively vignettes not unlike the idents that you’d see on traditional broadcast and cable providers.

The "Hulu IDs" include stop-motion from Andrea Love, an anime treatment from Ari Grabb, a futuristic spin from Ihsu Yoon, mesmerizing collage from Simón Wilches-Castro and Golden Wolf, traditional cel animation-inspired work from Studio Showoff and more. 

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The effort was conceived out of Greenhouse, Hulu's internal creative studio that works on both consumer-driven campaigns and efforts with Hulu advertisers. Reid Thompson, VP-head of creative at Hulu’s Greenhouse, noted that the campaign is a nod to traditional television viewing. “As a creative team we’ve always been big fans of great classic TV idents and wanted to reimagine them for the streaming era,” he said.

It was also an opportunity to showcase the talents of diverse filmmakers and artists. “We are always looking for ways to tap into up-and-coming creative communities and to shine a light on new voices who are making unique and meaningful work,” Thompson added.


For the campaign, Hulu’s Greenhouse teamed with top animation production companies including Psyop and Titmouse, which “became an extension of the core Hulu team” on the project, said Andy Holton, team lead brand video of Hulu’s Greenhouse. 

Together, they selected a wide range of “artists who had both vision and personality,” Holton said. Some were emerging talents, but the Hulu team also took the opportunity to partner with creators they had long admired. “We thought, ‘Hey, let’s ask and see if they’re down to do this,'" he added.


The vignettes here are just the first batch from what will be an ongoing program. “We have so many more amazing and vivid pieces to share,” explained Holton. 

They’re currently running on Hulu’s social platforms, including Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. “But we feel there’s tremendous potential with this project and there’s no telling where the IDs might end up next,” said Holton.“This initiative has the capacity to carry on into some of Hulu’s tentpole celebrations throughout the year.”

See more of the Hulu IDs below.