Forget specialized sneakers—Asics are the right shoe for 'everything'

Most real-life tasks are ordinary, but no less important

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Apr 02, 2019

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Most sneaker marketing focuses on performance, whether it’s speed, hang time, cushioning or endurance. But the activities sneakers are most often worn for aren’t about performance at all. Grocery shopping, going to the mall, backyard barbecues—all events best attended in sneakers.

A new campaign for Asics from Virtue focuses on these everyday uses with near zen-like patience. A 60-second spot that will inflict flashbacks on anyone who’s ever skimped on paying for proper movers zooms in on two pairs of HyperGEL-YU sneakers, firmly affixed to the feet of a couple lugging an uncooperative couch up a staircase. They’re really moving that thing, and viewers are along for the ride in all its painful, sweaty, unwieldy glory. The message: “This isn’t the shoe for something. It’s the shoe for everything.”

Another lingering spot sees a woman and her lazy dog in the park. Sure, she’s just teasing him with a chew toy and a little fetch, but it’s mesmerizing people-watching.

The spots are running online and on social, along with additional 15-second vignettes, like scenes from a painstaking car wash, lovingly carried out by a young man enamored of his old hatchback.


Apr 02, 2019
Client :
Agency :
Virtue Worldwide
Chief Creative Officer :
Cameron Farrelly
Group Creative Director :
Trent Rohner
Creative Director :
Jess Toye
Associate Creative Director :
Heather “McT” McTavish
Art Director :
Mary Grace Moseley
Art Director :
Joe Ferraro
Copywriter :
Will Stallmeyer
Copywriter :
Madeline Leary
Designer :
Jenn Flores
Senior Strategist :
Alex Morris
Head of Production :
Jill Rothman
Producer :
William Crouse
Client Partner :
Luke Taylor
Account Director :
Carli Nicholas
Head of Strategy :
RG Logan
Associate Director, Strategy :
Patrick Evans
Senior Strategist :
Alex Morris
Billy Fischer
Global Brand Marketing Manager :
Erik Troedsson
Production Company :
Goldteeth & Co
Executive Producer :
Chris Ehrmann
Producer :
Laura Lotti
Director :
Steven Brahms
Director of Photography :
Pablo Berron
Editor :
Jojo King

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