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An Amazon Skill…nearly 50 years in the making

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Jul 19, 2018


We dug way back in the archives �" and old audio recordings �" to find real Stubb wisdom and quotes. Using real audio from CB Stubblefield, the legendary founder of Stubb's Bar-B-Q Sauce, we created the world's first hands free barbecue manual with Amazon Alexa. You can get recipes from The Man Himself, listen to his favorite tunes, get bar-b-q tips, order more sauce, and discover special content for the holidays all with playful banter between Stubb and Alexa.

Combining the legendary BBQ knowledge of Stubb with a new means of dialog in the kitchen, Amazon Alexa was a natural fit. We can communicate with our audience and give them guidance in the moment just by saying "Alexa, Ask Stubb." So recipes come to life with authentic wisdom and tips from Stubb himself and you can keep your hands free to do some cooking.


Jul 19, 2018
Proof Advertising
Stubb's BBQ Sauce
Executive Creative Director:
Craig Mikes
J Hausman
Interactive Creative Director:
Lane Jordan
Digital Art Director:
Matt Morris
Joy Barnett
Account Director:
Elissa von Czoernig

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