Audi : Audi City

A car-free showroom.

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Jul 18, 2012

Editor's Pick

Car showrooms get even more digital (we already saw Nissan use Kinect for Windows so people could "test drive" the not-yet-ready 2013 Pathfinder). Now, Audi and Razorfish launched "Audi City," a car-free showroom (oxymoron alert?) in London where customers can customize the Audi range digitally.

Razorfish was in charge of the Multitouch Tablet experience, which let Audi customers interact with the product, without the stores ever carrying actual cars. The teaser video shows that car shoppers could actually get a physical sense of the product with sheet metal "cutouts" that show paint colors, etc.--but what about that new car smell, or the experience of what it feels like to sit behind the wheel?

Audi said the London launch is the first of 20 locations that will use this type of revolutionary retail structure by 2015. More launches are planned for later this year.