A haunted house doesn't scare Audi lovers in brand's new ad

New spots from Venables Bell & Partners show just how far the car's fans will go

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May 14, 2021

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How far would you go for an Audi? Some would be willing to endure Amityville-like terror, says a new campaign for the auto brand from Venables Bell and Partner. 

One spot in the push, “Previous Owner,” depicts a house-hunting couple checking out a well-appointed home. “The previous owners left in a hurry so the house comes with everything you see,” the realtor tells them.

It’s an enticing offer, only it means they’ll have to live with mysteriously moving furniture and a creepy crying painting. But in the end, the Audi RS Q8 in the garage eclipses the horror.

Another ad, “Joyride,” takes a different approach, showing the pleasure to be had in an Audi. The spot features a pair of parking valets drooling over an RS7 that pulls into the lot, seemingly hinting that a Ferris Bueller-like spree is in the offing. Ultimately, however, they don’t need to go far for a joyride.

Actress Nkeki Obi-Melekwe provides the V.O. for the ads and will be the ongoing voice for of Audi's marketing efforts in the U.S. Both spots were directed by Pulse Films’ Sam Pilling.