"Avo-Matic" facial emotion tracking food truck

SXSW, Facial Tracking, Emotion Tracking, Outdoor Activation, Avocados from Mexico

Published On
Dec 03, 2019


South by Southwest (SXSW), the apex music, film, and art festival in Austin Texas, can either be a marketer’s dream or its worse nightmare. Brand saturation at the 20-year-old event can often lead to negative associations amongst festivalgoers who feel their experience has been interloped by tone-deaf brands looking to take advantage of the prime demographic real estate.

Thoughtfully walking the line between brand awareness and experience augmentation is key to having a successful presence without unanticipated blowback.

When Avocados from Mexico sponsored “South Bites”, the festival’s food truck court, they had the goal to provide attendees fresh, customized, and delicious fast food in a way that left them smiling, entertained, and with a memento to take home.

NEXT/NOW built a digital interface for Avocado’s “Avo-matic” food truck that allowed users to custom order via giant touch screen interfaces. Using proprietary facial emotion tracking software, the diner was then instructed to smile as a dial measured the size of their grin as well as the amount of time held. Once the designated smile requirements were met, the user was congratulated with a reward screen, a picture of them mid-smile as a social sharable, and 3D animation of a robot to provide recipe and avocado hacks until the “Avo-matic” delivered their custom food.

Good food, good tech, and big smiles were the perfect recipe for a successful activation.

The Avo-matic was built with Avocado’s from Mexico and agency partners IMW Agency

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