Slackliners Go Up in the Air in Some Underwear for Paul Smith's A/W 2013 Collection

Paul Smith and Director/Producer Sebastien Montaz-Rosset Show Slacklinging Can Be "Clothing Optional"

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Oct 03, 2013

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Thrill-seeking pals Antoine Moineville and Tancrede Nelet are part of network of slackliners -- daredevils who turn the idea of tightrope walking into a more wobbly, and arguably more challenging experience by bouncing across ravines on an intentionally stretchy, loose rope.

In this new film directed by Sebastien Montaz-Rosset for Paul Smith's Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, the sport becomes even more thrilling, fashionable and a little bit racy as the Frenchmen show off the designer's wares while traversing the Brevent area of the French Alps.

The first minute shows the athletes reach the ideal altitude while sporting the design house's Jeans Collection. Despite the cold temperatures and physical demands, the two are so accustomed to the area that additional mountain gear and safety precautions only seem constricting.

But things get a little more free once their slackline is secured, and the two strip down to the designer's stylish and colorful undergarments, performing death-defying acts and yoga poses while way up in clouds -- not a backdrop you can find on any regular runway.