A&W Restaurants made a diamond ring from carbon extracted from its fish sandwiches

Valentine’s Day stunt from Cornett includes more one-of-a-kind jewelry, so you can make your relationship ‘o-fish-ial’

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Feb 05, 2024
A ring sitting in a pile of ashes

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Brands are getting into quirky custom jewelry this Valentine’s Day. On the heels of SAXX Underwear’s upside-down heart necklace, A&W Restaurants has announced a whole line of one-of-a-kind bling—including a diamond ring made from the carbon in a half-dozen fish sandwiches.

Developed by agency Cornett, the Cod Collection includes a charm bracelet made from a deconstructed Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich (there are individual stones for buns, pickles, lettuce, tartar sauce and cod); Cod Sandwich cufflinks and pendant necklace; and teardrop Root Beer Float earrings.

But the centerpiece is the diamond ring. The diamond, created in partnership with LifeGem, was forged by taking carbon from the cremated remains of a half-dozen A&W Quarter Pound Cod Sandwiches and pressurizing it for several months. A&W says you could use the ring to make your relationship “o-fish-ial.”


Consumer can enter a sweepstakes at awrestaurants.com/cod through Feb. 14 for a chance to win the ring, along with the other items from the collection.

“A diamond is forever,” said Liz Bazner, senior director of marketing for A&W Restaurants, “so while A&W’s new Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich might only be available for a limited time, our exclusive ring will serve as a fin-tastic reminder of when you first hooked your sweetheart.”

“Whether it’s a spouse, a pet or a Quarter Pound Cod Sandwich from A&W, we only have a limited amount of time with the ones we love,” added LifeGem co-founder Dean VandenBiesen. “A LifeGem diamond is the perfect way to memorialize that fleeting love in an object known for its beauty and permanence.”

The campaign comes a few month after Cornett recruited Karen and Grant Hearn from the TLC reality series “Extreme Cheapskates” to make a series of spots for A&W.

Two hands holding fish sandwiches, one with a ring on

A&W root beer float earrings


Feb 05, 2024
Client :
A&W Restaurants
Agency :
Sr Director of Marketing :
Liz Bazner
Sr Brand Manager :
Samantha Jackson
Sr Digital Manager :
Spencer Barrett
Local Store Marketing Manager :
Tracey Hacker
Content Marketing Specialist :
Chelsey Hunt
Innovation Manager :
Matthew Breen
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Whit Hiler
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Jonathon Spalding
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Randy Steward
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Nicole Kukurgya
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Sarah Vaughan
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Coleman Larkin
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Laura Merchant
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Danielle Havrilesko
Assistant Account Executive :
Audrey Moeglin
SVP Director of Brand Strategy :
Dave Walker
SVP Director of Brand Connections :
Chris Finnegan
Integrated Media Specialist :
Paige Hansen
Director of Interactive Strategy :
Peter Cook
UI/Web Designer :
Pierina Galvez
Digital Producer :
Daniel Boone
Photographer :
Adam Padgett

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