Renault Invented a Car Seat to Lull Your Baby to Sleep at Home

'Baby Home Seat' Mimics the Driving Experience

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Jan 20, 2017

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As any parent of a wakeful newborn will know, putting the baby in the car seat is a sure fire way to get them to go to sleep. Stories of parents driving their cars around the streets at 3:00 AM in order to stop the crying are the stuff of legend -- as is the fact that as soon as they switch the engine off and tiptoe back into the house, the baby will be awake again.

Renault in Argentina has come up with a solution to this problem; it's invented a car seat that recreates the driving experience for babies in the home. Developed by Publicis Buenos Aires to promote Renault's family car model, the Logan, the prototype Baby Home Seat sits on a platform that mimics the motion of a car engine and moves the seat around. The seat is configured with an Arduino micro controller and uses Bluetoth to connect to an app that the parents can use, in order to control the movement, the distance required, the music and even the type of countryside and weather on the "route."

Baby Home Seat is just a protoype at the moment, and is being used as part of a PR campaign. But if this works, Renault might really be on to something -- because sleep-deprived parents would pay anything to make those 3AM trips round the block a thing of the past.