This barbershop opened a virtual hair school with Billy Porter as its first student

Barba debuts 'Quarancuts' training in campaign from Terri & Sandy

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Apr 16, 2020

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As we’re sheltering in, we’ve had to adjust to the new normal, living in close quarters, balancing working from home and school (if you have kids), cooking more or learning how to cook period and even adapting our personal care routines. Likely, with no option to go to the salon, many have settled for the “grey” look or shaggier manes. But New York City barbershop Barba now wants to help those who don’t want to compromise with the “Quarancuts Virtual Hair School.”

In a campaign from Terri & Sandy, Barba’s owner and stylist Xavier Cruz is offering free guided hair cut training on Zoom. To debut the initiative, he tapped actor Billy Porter to be his first student, with Porter’s husband Adam Smith as the first subject to go under the shears.

Adam Porter-Smith


Every day Cruz will help amateur stylists on their home cuts. Those interested should DM Barba on Instagram. All the Quarancuts sessions will broadcast on IGTV so friends and loved ones can pay witness to something they’d typically not be there for—but hey, we need all the human connection we can get these days. 



According to Terri & Sandy Co-Founder and CEO Terri Meyer, the idea was inspired by a data insight during the pandemic. “We noticed that searches for ‘home haircut’ are up 417%,” she said in a statement. “We wanted to  provide a service that would enable people to control their hair—even if they can't control anything else.”

This is not the first innovative idea the agency has conceived for Barba. Previously, Terri & Sandy was behind the “Pay With Your Balls” initiative for the Movember movement and “Strands for Trans” initiative to create trans-friendly barbershops and salons.