Barbie Leverages VIZIO CTV Ads to Drive Awareness and Ticket Sales

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Jul 25, 2023


As the theatrical release of the highly anticipated Barbie movie draws near, the marketing efforts are taking on a new dimension with VIZIO's unique audience. Leveraging the power of immersive, actionable advertising, VIZIO is creating an engaging experience that drives ticket sales and solidifies Barbie's presence in popular culture.

This week, millions of VIZIO owners turning on their TVs will be greeted with an unmissable Barbie-themed promotional experience. The campaign promises to be unforgettable, ensuring that Barbie becomes an inseparable part of households' entertainment routines.

Viewers will be treated to interactive 30-second commercials, adding an extra layer of excitement to their viewing experience. The aim is to empower the theatrical community by providing millions of VIZIO households with a more immersive and captivating way to engage with the Barbie movie.

VIZIO's impressive interactive capabilities are made possible through a strategic partnership with BrightLine, renowned for powering dynamic and shoppable advertising on major platforms like Hulu, Peacock, Discovery+, and more. Not only does the campaign include QR-code and click-to-shop creative, but VIZIO has also successfully launched interactive trivia and dynamic messaging campaigns for various Fortune 100 advertisers, consistently surpassing benchmarks for brand metrics across full-funnel KPIs.

The stage is set for Barbie to shine brightly in the hearts of millions, thanks to VIZIO's commitment to crafting a remarkable and interactive viewing experience. With a mix of creative prowess and technological innovation, the Barbie movie is poised to become one of the summer's most unforgettable and talked-about cinematic events. So, buckle up for a thrilling journey into the world of Barbie and immerse yourself in this exciting summer adventure.


Jul 25, 2023
Agency :
Vizio Ads

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