Beauty and the Beast | Official Poster Series

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Jul 12, 2023
AA 20230612 WI Disney ABC Mondlicht 3x2


Mondlicht Studios was thrilled to collaborate with Rhubarb to produce a magnificent poster collection for ABC's special "Beauty and the Beast" 30th anniversary celebration. This commemorative event, which celebrated the historic Oscar nomination for Best Picture of the beloved 1991 movie, was an unforgettable experience! We created 12 gorgeous posters that captured the essence of this timeless classic - bringing together elements of modernity and nostalgia to make something truly unique. It was a genuine pleasure to be part of such an important milestone in animation history!

To design the poster with books, we built a magnificent 3D scene to create an environment that replicated the striking ballroom from the 1991 film. For the character posters, we used our creativity and designed intricate stained-glass windows featuring the beloved characters. We started by creating illustrations in Adobe Illustrator as a basis for 3D modeling, then worked diligently on modeling and integrating the windows into the environment. To complete our work, we used a vibrant color palette inspired by Disney classics to make each poster truly come alive.

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