A tobacco exec makes mandatory apologies with a catchy country song

CollegeHumor and the Truth campaign put the dangers of smoking to music

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May 16, 2018

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For more than a decade, tobacco companies have been stalling, digging in their heels to prevent court mandates from taking effect. Now Big Tobacco is finally being forced to make corrective statements, publicly admitting that cigarettes and tobacco products are deadly and addictive.The ruling requires the statements to run in 50 newspapers around the country and on major broadcast networks. But since it's so out of date, so is the media requirement. Most young people probably won't see the statements, so smoking prevention campaign Truth partnered with CollegeHumor to make an apology video that's much more likely to be seen (and heard all the way through).

A "Big Tobacco exec," suitably forlorn at the sorry lot he's drawn, dons a 10-gallon hat and strums a guitar, singing his legally-mandated mea culpa with a country twang. "We got caught, we got sued, now there's just one thang to do," he croons. It's an apology of the douchiest kind. And if you thought he'd maybe learned a lesson, don't worry. He shows his true colors at the end.


May 16, 2018
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truth/College Humor

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