Become the face of Master Chief in new Halo experience

Microsoft launches digital experience to promote Halo Infinite

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Dec 03, 2021

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The best heroes are the ones that look like us--everyday people who take the charge to overcome, protect and lead. Many of our most beloved stories of heroics, both fictional and real, star individuals who conquer their shortcomings to confront some fearsome thing in the fight for good. In the latest campaign for the highly-anticipated Halo Infinite on Microsoft Xbox, the visor of the video game series’ iconic Master Chief is finally pulled back to reveal the face of its greatest hero: you.

Two new films and a virtual experience crated via 215 McCann dropped earlier this week in anticipation of Halo Infinite’s release on Dec. 8. The first, called “Forever We Fight” (above), is a spectacular, two-minute epic depicting generations of those who took up arms in moments of great courage.

Two shepherds protect their flock from a pack of vicious hyenas, a woman charges into war as her kin lay wounded and a rescuer dives into stormy waters after a person in peril. The beauty of these moments of bravery is that they aren’t all that the film depicts. They’re shown as choices made in spite of each warrior’s fear.

The moments culminate, growing increasingly futuristic as astronauts rocket through space and aircraft crash in battle, until the game’s Master Chief character appears--descended from the acts of heroism that came before--preparing to fight.


The immediate sequel to “Forever We Fight” is “Carry On,” a thirty-second brawl between Master Chief and a horde of video game baddies that culminates in a fight with the towering Brute General Tovarus. The spot is gorgeously animated and thrillingly paced as the space suit-clad hero leaps over enemies and spars through a series of incredible acrobatics.

The end of the video teases a glimpse behind the visor of its previously masked hero and points viewers to the Becoming Master Chief Experience. The site uses the viewer’s device camera and face-mapping technology to generate a custom version of the “Carry On,” featuring the face of the user.

The experience builds upon the franchise’s assertion that Master Chief’s face is never shown because the character is a conduit for the player. Now the player can literally see their faces beneath the armor, barrelling into battle.

The experience was launched through influencer partnerships on social media with the message, “We are all Master Chief.”

Previous marketing for Halo Infinite has included similarly breathtaking videos in the “UNSC Archive Films” campaign, these celebrating the unsung heroes of its universe. Many fans have praised these videos as inventive ways to expand the lore of the game franchise’s expansive lore.


In “Unspoken,” a soldier whose throat was injured in battle recounts through sign language and computer-generated voiceover an emotional moment in battle, when another soldier saved his life. The emotional video is revealed to be a message for the fallen soldier’s parents. 


“Lightbringers” is a harrowing tale of miners seeking a type of ore to fortify Master Chief’s armor. The cave they’re mining collapses and the minders unite in song as one carves a message of unity into the mine wall, “from the soil to the stars,” just when help arrives. 


In “Project Magnes,” a civilian engineer documents the process of inventing a device for the “rapid mass manipulation of heavy objects” that Master Chief utilizes in the game series. Despite countless moments of failure, the engineer persists and, with the support of family, celebrates a joyous victory.



Dec 03, 2021
Client :
Microsoft XBOX
Agency :
215 McCann
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Taylor Smith
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Akshaya Sridharan
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Brian Wakabayashi
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Sam Chotiner
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Cassidy Wilber
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Ryan Riley
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Biscuit Filmworks
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Sound Design and Mix :
Jeff Malen
Audio Assistant :
Meg Ochs
Executive Producer :
Susie Boyajan

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