Beer meets cake (and family arguments) in Desperados holiday brew

The Heineken-owned brand made a Christmas cake flavored beer

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Dec 16, 2022
A beer bottle shaped cake with a bite taken out of it.

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Desperados appears to be leaning into the never-ending "everything is cake" trend in a holiday campaign.

In this case, it's an actual beer that tastes like Christmas cake. The Heineken-owned brand and its agency We Are Pi dreamed up the brew, which is said to be flavored with "Christmas cake and family arguments," the latter apparently being an integral part of everyone's holiday season. 

The limited edition brew, which is being handed out to influencers, features "tasting notes of cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutmeg, alongside an unexpected kick of chilli."

It will feature in a social campaign, including a post by one influencer, Ben Cullen, below, in which a beer bottle, inevitably, turns out to be a cake. There are also videos from Iris Enthoven and Jack Fowler, who will be entertaining viewers with a Christmas gift box, featuring the new beer.