Painters and contractors are homeowners' heroes in campaign from Benjamin Moore

FIG and Errol Morris take do-it-yourself to do-it-for-me

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Mar 12, 2020

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After years of do-it-yourself fervor, a pushback has begun. For those who want to avoid the inevitable Pinterest fails, YouTube tutorials or emergency repairs by licensed professionals, “do-it-for-me” is a return to the way things used to work. An expert comes to the house, money exchanges hands, and the job gets done right the first time.

A new campaign for paint brand Benjamin Moore casts the relationship between customer and contractor in a rosy, intimate light. “See the Love” follows painters, designers, and retailers as they change outlooks by changing the look of a room.


The campaign from FIG humanizes the people who actually do the work, who are often totally absent from ads that flaunt their craftsmanship. Painters become friends with the people who hire them. A hardware store owner conducts business like a symphony.


The ads don’t exclusively focus on contractors. There are plenty of proud homeowners who take pride in their work. “As a brand, Benjamin Moore fosters a sense of community,” said Steve O’Neill, chief marketing officer, in a statement. “We believe that paint has the power to transform a job into a calling for contractors, a business into a passion for retailers, a vision into reality for designers and architects and a house into a home for homeowners. For Benjamin Moore employees, this new campaign highlights personal pride in the work they do.”

The spots were directed by Errol Morris and have a similar tone to Miller's classic "High Life Man" ads out of Wieden & Kennedy, which celebrated the feats of the everyman


The campaign is running in the U.S. and Canada in radio, print and digital executions, along with shorter digital cuts of the spots.