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We took Betadine from "for grandma" to "from nature"

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Jul 31, 2020


​Being able to protect your kids from infections is heroic – and unleashing the power of iodine, which comes from the Earth? That’s SUPER-heroic. So our spots transform moms and dads into the heroes we need but don’t deserve, with BETADINE®.  ​

The First Aid category has low-involvement and is dominated by one lead player. Betadine has 50 years of heritage and efficacy, but very low brand awareness. In 2019 Avrio Health came to Burns Group to reposition the Betadine brand within the crowded first aid category and create a campaign for their product re-launch. We needed to find a way to position Betadine to make it breakthrough and relevant today.  After an in-depth insight and strategic process we landed on a creative concept in March. Then on the eve of our shoot, COVID-19 curbed all live action productions. With 4-weeks until launch and within 24 hours,  the BG team had to come up with an idea to pivot the campaign, in a way that spoke to the core demographic, felt authentic to the brand and brought levity in a time of chaos.

Through an extensive consumer co-creation process, Burns Group was able to uncover a unique and ownable positioning for the brand that is motivating and relevant to protectors of the family who are savvy about finding more natural solutions for their family’s health.

Within 24 hours of hearing the news that our original live-action production could no longer be, the BG team came up with an idea to pivot the campaign to animation, in a way that spoke to the core demographic, felt authentic to the brand and brought levity in a time of chaos. The spot and accompanying display ads are now live on Hulu, Google, Pandora, WebMD, Facebook, and Instagram.





Jul 31, 2020
Creative Agency :
Burns Group
Client :
Executive Creative Director (Art) :
Nicole Lucey
Executive Creative Director (Writer) :
Sam Arcade
Executive Creative Director (Art) :
Sarah Ratinetz
Executive Creative Director (Writer) :
Tim Glebocki
Strategy Director :
Christina Faeh
Producer :
Annie Bishop
Associate Producer :
Tori McMachan

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