Women's razor brand Billie debuts a blue rosé wine—to call out the pink tax

Château de Blué is selling for 13% less than the typical bottle

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Sep 10, 2019

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D-to-C women’s razor brand Billie is known for its unconventional approach to marketing, with bold campaigns that feature women celebrating their body hair, not shaving it off. Earlier this summer, for example, the company dropped a spot featuring ladies in red, white and blue swimsuits, proudly displaying their unshorn bikini lines

Now, Billie is toasting the end of the warm months with a new product—but it’s not a razor. As rosé drinking season winds down, it’s introducing its own version of the wine to welcome in the fall—Château de Blué. As hinted at by the name, the potable does not feature the typical pink hue you’d expect. Rather it’s a vivid azure, one you’re expect from a curacao cocktail or a bottle of mouthwash. But color issues aside, there's another significant difference. The wine is significantly cheaper that its pink counterpart—13% less than the typical rosé at $14.87 a bottle. 

Chateau de Blue

The point is to call out the “pink tax” that puts a 13% markup on products sold to women, like razors, other personal care products, toys and apparel, compared to the same goods for men. The dedicated site selling the wine describes Château de Blué as a “robust, full-bodied feast for the senses—including the sense of fairness.”

Billie founder Georgina Gooley explains that the Billie wine is cheaper simply because it's blue. The idea is meant to underscore the silly rationale behind the price hikes on certain women's products. "We wanted a simple, playful way of showing what the Pink Tax is," she says. "Not enough women know that they're overpaying for products marketed to them." Her company, she adds, "was built on combating the pink tax. We want to raise awareness around this ridiculous pricing discrimination and encourage women to purchase from companies that are fair to them."

The company worked with private label-wine creator KDM Global Partners based in Lodi, California to create Château de Blué, available for a limited run.

Chateau de Blue


Sep 10, 2019
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