Bloomingdale's iconic shopping bag got a 'Big Little Lies' makeover

Retailer partners with HBO ahead of hit series' second season

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May 09, 2019

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HBO’s hit series “Big Little Lies” returns for its second season on June 9, and to help get the word out, the network partnered with Bloomingdales on an unusual promotion. The retailer has rebranded its iconic shopping bag to feature the name of the show. 

It’s an elegant, subtle nod that depicts “Big Little Lies” in Bloomingdales’ minimalist, circular font. The side of the bag touts the partnership: “Bloomingdales x HBO.” It works nicely because of the store and show names' shared "B" and vocabulary: the bags themselves are typically marked by their sizes, featuring copy like "big brown bag" and "little brown bag."

BloomingdalesxHBO Big Little Lies bag

The “Big Little Lies” bags will be distributed in all markets across the U.S. Along with the bag, stores in cities including New York, L.A. Chicago and San Francisco will feature Mother’s Day picture-taking booths. The partnership also includes a special screening of the premiere episode at Bloomingdales in Century City, Los Angeles and a sweepstakes for a chance to attend the official premier in New York City. In a nod to one of the show’s famous settings, the Blue Blues Cafe, HBO and Bloomingdales will be serving customers complimentary coffee at branded coffee carts.

Bloomingales/HBO Big Little LIes