BMW Films returns with ‘The Calm’—see the action-packed short film for the i7 M70

Pom Klementieff and Uma Thurman star in the eight-minute film, which was screened today in Cannes inside 200 of the vehicles

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May 17, 2023
A man and woman fighting inside a BMW

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Whatever its other merits, BMW’s i7 M70 xDrive looks like a damn good car to have a fight in.

The electric vehicle is the star of the show in “The Calm,” an eight-minute short released online—and screened at the Cannes Film Festival—on Wednesday as part of the newly revived BMW Films, the iconic series that began in 2001 and set the early bar for branded entertainment. 

The piece stars Pom Klementieff from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” series, along with a briefer appearance by Uma Thurman toward the end. Produced by Joseph Kosinski (who directed Top Gun: Maverick) and directed by Sam Hargrave, it also features a score by Hans Zimmer.


The storytelling takes a bit of a backseat, so to speak, to the vehicle’s features, including its ridiculously luxurious 31.3-inch panoramic TV screen. In terms of the plot, it certainly feels like an unfinished story at the end—indeed, in the YouTube description, the brand says: “What’s in the case? What’s next for Pom on her adventure? Tell us what you think.”

The automaker went all out at the Cannes premiere, creating a literally immersive viewing experience—it brought in 200 i7 M70’s, and the official screening was held on the backseat TV’s inside the cars. (The festival was a partner on the film, and the latter scenes take place at the Hotel Martinez in town—with a quick shot of the Gutter Bar for the advertising types out there.)

“We’re thrilled for all film fans to experience ‘The Calm’,” said Stefan Ponikva, VP of brand communication and brand experience BMW. “When we started out with this project, we knew we were working within a set of high standards, and we’re proud to be building on that tradition with this new and compelling storyline. This is a comeback that will give us all a lot of pleasure, I am convinced of that.”