Internet-connected gadgets help a man live his life 'like a Bosch'

The German engineering company gets a modern, playful tagline at CES

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Jan 11, 2019

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Bosch, the German engineering and electronics firm, unveiled a new tagline and campaign at CES--a pounding, musical anthem that showcases a world made easier by internet-connected appliances. A self-assured IoT aficionado, rocking bangs and a tight ‘stache, lives life “like a Bosch,” surrounded by gadgets that he controls remotely or that know what he wants when he wants it.

His alarm goes off at 8am, and so does his coffee pot. A self-driving lawn mower--the envy of his neighbor--takes care of the yard while he sips his morning joe, and he gets in a quick workout while the dishwasher and robotic vacuum clean up. An environmentally-friendly thermostat keeps the house cool while he shops for groceries and checks his stocks on the go. The oven turns on before he gets home, and the car parks itself, leaving more time for dancing and reveling in his own success.

If this lifestyle seems fantastical, it features products and abilities that aren’t available to the public yet. But the tone is a departure for Bosch, a 133-year-old company that has historically relied on buttoned-up, function-focused campaigns with taglines like “There's always a solution."

The spot from Jung von Matt is directed by Andreas Nilsson, best known for his “Epic Split” work with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Volvo Trucks.


Jan 11, 2019
Client :
Agency :
Jung Von Matt
Director :
Andreas Nilsson
Director of Corporate Marketing Communications :
Boris Dolkhani
Project Management :
Jochen Stein
Project Management :
Katharina Sorg
Project Management :
Tim Dworak
Managing Director :
Andreas Ernst
Managing Director :
Michael Behrens
Executive Creative Director :
Max Lederer
Executive Creative Director :
Thim Wagner
Group Creative Director :
David Leinweber
Junior Copywriter :
Anahita Ghanizadeh
Junior Copywriter :
Natascha Kuehn
Senior Art Director :
Tomma Fehrs
Concept Creative :
Felix Burger
Digital Strategist :
Philipp Ciba
Concept Creative :
Tobias Oebel
Senior Project Manager :
Tim Kuphaldt
Junior Project Manager :
Felix Mindermann
Film Producer :
Jankel Huppertz
Senior Strategist :
Florian Rock
Managing Director White Horse Music :
Nadin Lefkeli
Executive Music Producer :
Nick Nowottny
Editor :
Ben Campbell
Edit :
Cut & Run

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