Boston Dynamics' creepy robots let their hair down in Sam Adams regional Super Bowl ad

The spot uses no CGI, only real robots

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Feb 04, 2022

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Earlier this week, Sam Adams teased its northeast regional Super Bowl spot, a collaboration with local company Boston Dynamics. Now the beer unveils its full Big Game ad, an all-out rager starring branded character Your Cousin from Boston alongside some robotic pals—no CGI necessary.

In “Your Cousin from Boston (Dynamics),” Your Cousin is a security guard at the robotics company famous for its unsettling dog-like creations. He cracks open a Sam Adams Wicked IPA with another guard when the little animatronic creature trots up. Always the good decision maker, Your Cousin tosses the robot a cold one, which it chugs and tosses with a belch. 

Jump to the two security guards storming the Boston Dynamics premises with two of the artificial pups and a tall, humanoid bot toting a full keg. There are enough cans (and Wicked IPA flavors) to go around, kicking off a party unlike any before. The robots bust a move, doing backflips and the Haze Fortnite dance. 

The human partiers chant “Robot, robot, robot!” as the machines raise their beers, make photocopies of their metal backsides and even give relationship advice. “We’re gonna live forever!” yells one security guard as they dance around the immortal machines.

Boston Dynamics workers, including founder and chairman Marc Raibert, catch the after-hours party. “Call security,” says one. “That is security,” responds Raibert.

While the spot's plotline feels ripe for visual effects and computer animation, everything was shot in-camera. 

“Boston Dynamics told us no CGI," explained Jeff Goodby, co-chairman and co-founder of Goodby Silverstein & Partners, in a statement. "With their brilliant technology, we didn’t need it! And who knew robots love  Sam Adams Wicked Hazy? For our big game ad, we invited another hometown innovator to the party, Boston Dynamics, but there’s nothing computer-generated about the buzz we’re stirring up together.”

The ad will air regionally in 13 markets on game day. It will stream nationally on Yahoo and Verizon.