Boston Pizza gives badges for good patio behavior

Latest campaign from Canada's John St follows last year's training manual

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Aug 10, 2022

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It's high summer in Canada, and with the country's outdoor dining window a short one, Boston Pizza is making the most of its patios again.

The chain, which claims to be the restaurant with the most patios across Canada, last year offered people a training manual on how to behave on the patio as they returned to dining out after the pandemic. Now, it's offering them badges for patio good behavior.


There are 25 different badges, with a look similar to scout badges, awarded for behavior such as knowing how to balance a rickety table leg with a folded coaster, anchoring your bill, getting a two-tone tan and more. To get them, people simply have to visit a Boston Pizza patio and scan the QR code at their table to collect digital badges for a "Patio Handbook."

The idea is that anyone with a full collection at summer’s end will get the chance to win one of five gift cards, as well as a real life set of their full badge collection in sew-on form.


The idea is supported by ads, social posts, out-of-home and radio ads, all by agency John St.

"Canadians know how to enjoy a patio better than any nation on Earth—mainly because we know how fleeting those summer days are,” said Cam Boyd, John St. executive creative director. “With the most patios in the country, it was Boston Pizza’s responsibility to acknowledge their proficiency and become the place where those in the know, patio.”


With Boston Pizza restaurant blurred in the background, the back of a man is shown in the foreground with three Boston Pizza patio badges attached to his jeans jacket.


A collection of Boston Pizza patio badges against a red background.


Three smartphone devices showing what Badges 4, 16, and 25 represent through the Boston Pizza app.