What's Being Delivered in These Giant Cardboard Boxes?

U.K. Spot Is Promoting Hyundai's Click to Buy Service

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Jan 11, 2017

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Giant cardboard delivery boxes are appearing outside all sorts of different houses in this new U.K. spot, from mansions to suburban townhouses, but what's in them?

It's actually a spot for Hyundai, which has launched a new "Click to Buy" service in the U.K., but you won't see an actual car until the end of the spot (and then only a brief glimpse). It's only then that it dawns on you that the parcels are positioned in exactly the place you'd expect a car to be parked.

It's a somewhat different approach for a car brand, and for that reason gets the message across nicely -- even if we can't quite believe ordering a new car is the same as having an Amazon parcel delivered.

The spot is directed by Chris Palmer at Gorgeous, for Innocean Worldwide U.K..