Brewdog says it's the beer for everyone (including Heineken drinkers)

Campaign from Droga5 democratizes the brew to showcase its sustainability

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Aug 06, 2021

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A new campaign for Brewdog beer welcomes with wide open arms brew drinkers from all walks of life: laughing hipsters, meat-eaters, vegetarians, lying vegetarians, small people, tall people, people who believe in aliens, God lovers, atheists, close talkers, fun fair workers, meditation fakers, guys who can’t wait to show off their pecs—and even Heineken drinkers.

It’s not a diversity play, however. In the spot from Droga5 London, Brewdog explains that its beer is for everyone because it’s the “world’s first carbon-negative brewery”—meaning that it’s doing good for all, including those who don’t even imbibe its product. 

Last August, the brand announced that it would be going beyond carbon-neutral to become carbon-negative with the promise to plant over a million trees by 2022 on 2,000 acres of land it purchased in the Scottish Highlands, what founder James Watt has dubbed the “Lost Forest.” Watt said the move would remove twice as much carbon out of the air as  Brewdog emits from the production of its beer. The brand also creates its beer using renewable energy, makes packaging from easily recycled materials, sources local ingredients and transports its beer in the U.K.’s first electric 19-ton truck. 

“When you run a carbon-negative brewery, it isn’t just the beer drinkers who benefit. It’s everyone on earth,” said Droga5 London Chief Creative Officer David Kolbusz in a statement. “This reductive equation became the starting point for a campaign we’re enormously proud of. We went about listing everyone we thought would see an upside from BrewDog’s environmental efforts. Our original cut was five hours long.”

The TV spot was directed by Jeff Low via Biscuit Filmworks. Production of the new campaign was also sustainable, offset through tree-planting schemes. Droga5 London has committed to being eco-friendly as well, and each staffer has Lost Forest citizenship and committed to planting a tree there. The campaign also includes out-of-home and print ads promoting Brewdog’s status as “The Planet’s Favourite Beer.”



Aug 06, 2021
Client :
Brewdog Beer
Agency :
Director :
Jeff Low
Production Company :
Biscuit Filmworks
Prod. Company Producer :
Kwok Yau
Prod. Company Exec Producer :
Hanna Bayatti
Prod. Company MD :
Rupert Reynolds-MacLean
Prod. Company Production Manager :
Adam Oyejobi
Matthew Emvin Taylor
Production Designer :
David Hamilton
Line Producer :
Michelle O’Brien
Photographer :
Nico Froehlich
Editor :
Shift Post
Editor :
Saam Hodivala
Post Production :
Electric Theatre Collective
VFX Lead :
Hani Al Yousif
2D Assistant :
Reynold Rodrigues
2D Assistant :
Igor Gama
VFX Producer :
Holly Treacy
Colorist :
Simone Grattarola
Colorist :
Time Based Arts
Grade Producer :
Sian Jenkins
Sound :
Sound Design & Mix :
Sam Robson
Sound Producer :
Karen Noden
Composer :
Mort Garson
Music Supervisor :
Run! Get Music!
Chief Creative Officer :
David Kolbusz
Executive Creative Director :
Shelley Smoller
Creative :
Ash Hamilton
Creative :
Sara Sutherland
Design Director :
Stephanie McArdle
Designer :
Oli East
Studio Director :
Tim Larke
Artworking :
John Beechey
Artworking :
Luke Sneddon
Artworking :
Nik Coomber
Animation :
Connor Campbell
Head of Account Management :
Jen Knox
Account Director :
Tom Elias
Strategy Director :
Achim Schauerte
Head of Production :
Chris Watling
Producer :
Josh Sanders
Assistant Producer :
Olly West

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