Brewdog is creating its own forest as it pledges to go 'carbon negative'

The brewer is planting a million trees in Scotland and has launched a typically provocative campaign

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Aug 24, 2020

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Craft beer brand Brewdog has announced it's going not only carbon neutral but "carbon negative" as it creates its own forest. 

The brewer has vowed to plant over a million trees by 2022, having purchased two thousand acres of land in Scotland. This, says founder James Watt in a series of tweets, will mean it takes twice as much carbon out of the air as it emits, making it "carbon negative." The company worked with environmental consultant Mike Berners-Lee (brother of Sir Tim, in case you're wondering) on the project, details of which are available in a sustainability report.

The brewer is backing the move with a typically provocative campaign, including billboards with the message "F*** you C02" with the offending word blocked by a can of its Punk IPA. (Last year, a similarly eye-grabbing billboard for its alcohol-free beer was banned by the U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority for using a truncated version of the the line "sober as a motherf***").

Its environmental stance follows series of moves by the brand focusing on social good; during the early days of the pandemic, it pivoted its distillery to make a million units of hand sanitizer. Brewdog has worked with London agency Uncommon on several of its campaigns; however, the agency confirmed it did not work with Brewdog on the forest project.