Is Family Guy's Brian Dead or Alive -- And Does Anyone Really Care?

Mysterious Website Shows Countdown to a Special Announcement from Talking Dog

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Nov 26, 2013
Brians Announcement

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After Family Guy made headlines for the first time in years by killing off main character, Brian the talking dog, a mysterious website has sprung up that may mean that he's not dead, after all. shows a countdown to 10 days from now, along with a picture of a car entering the city limits of Quahog. After all, Family Guy has killed off and brought back characters in the past, so it wouldn't be all that surprising if Brian turns out to be very much alive. It could also mean a bunch of other things -- a spinoff show, or maybe a would-be viral video of Brian.

All we know is, Family Guy is on track to have the lowest-rated season since it was revived back in 2004. So maybe this isn't a creative move, as much as a plea for help.