BTS schools you on how to pronounce IONIQ in music video for Hyundai

Clip racked up more than 3 million views on first day of release

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Sep 03, 2020

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K-pop supergroup BTS have turned their sultry harmonies toward praise of a new object of affection, the Hyundai Ioniq electric vehicle. The new single “Ioniq: I’m On It” is unabashedly commercial, with the car’s name in both the title and the lyrics. In fact, it kicks off with a chorus of "Ioniq"—a helpful pronunciation guide for readers unsure how to parse the made-up word.

The music video features glamorous shots of the new model line, along with verses that allude to electricity: “Full energy, higher esteem / Better focus on what's charging me.” Judging from the number of views—more than 3 million in the first day—fans don’t mind the brand tie-in. It’s great timing for Hyundai, as BTS just topped the Billboard Hot 100 with their first English-language track “Dynamite,” the first South Korean group to do so.

BTS have been brad ambassadors for Hyundai since 2018, but they've collaborated with plenty of other brands, including Fila, Skechers, Samsung, Starbucks Korea and Baskin Robbins. Last year, Mattel released seven BTS dolls, one for each of the band's members.

Even people who aren't fans of the music should be able to appreciate the video, which alternates between dreamlike scenes of the young crooners and close-ups of the car's headlights and expressive grill. If nothing else, Ioniq gives K-pop stans new clips to use to clog up racist hashtags—and maybe help Hyundai sell a few electric vehicles.