Bud Light to aliens who escape Area 51: 'Free Beer!'

It also promises to create a special-edition label if enough fans share its tweet

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Jul 19, 2019

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While the world will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo’s moon landing tomorrow, a critical mass of galactic fans (about 1.7 million of them) has pledged to “storm Area 51,” the Nevada Air Force testing base reputed to be the country’s center for top secret alien-related research, and perhaps, holding grounds for any extra-terrestrial beings caught on our soil. What started out as a little Facebook joke has become an actual safety concern—the Air Force has already issued a warning to those who attempt to access the base. 

Bud Light, however, is bringing fuel to the stormers’ mission with a special offer: free beer to any alien that escapes the facility. 

The brand is also pledging to create a limited-edition label for the beer (above), should more than 51,000 fans share its tweet.

“Whether you’re from this planet or another galaxy, nothing says ‘welcome to our planet’ like a few beers,” a Bud Light spokesperson said in a statement. “The way we see it, there’s no better way to show these aliens ‘we come in peace’ than a few BLs. Who knows? Maybe a few beers will make this a party rather than a raid.”