Bumble wants to help you find love via a Netflix show

Outdoor campaign accompanies Netflix-themed question game in the dating app

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Jan 23, 2023
Bumble and Netflix billboard in NYC with the words TURN MY WORLD UPSIDE DOWN (IN A GOOD WAY) printed upside down.

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Netflix and romance go together like -- well, you just have to look at the origins of the phrase "Netflix and chill." But what if you haven't yet found your date? A new campaign from dating app Bumble, in partnership with Netflix, reminds people they can bond together over the shows they love. 

The two have partnered on a new outdoor campaign that leans into shows such as “Selling Sunset,” “Emily in Paris” and “Stranger Things” with lines and images tailored to fans of those shows, hinting at the many ways in which a person's Netflix knowledge can help spark a connection on Bumble. For example, knowing you're “Team Gabriel” (from “Emily in Paris”) or whether petty drama, $75m homes and infinity pools get you going, too (“Selling Sunset.") 


Bumble and Netflix multi-title billboard


The billboards, co-created by Bumble's in-house team and the Netflix Marketing Partnership team, are running in cities across the U.S. including Miami, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. 

Additionally, next week (Jan. 30) Bumble will launch a weekly in-app quiz called “Netflix Nights In” that will pose questions on various Netflix shows. Each week’s questions will be introduced by someone from the corresponding show; look out for the likes of Ashley Park from “Emily in Paris,“ Alexa Lemieux of “Love is Blind,” and Amanza Smith of“Selling Sunset. People can play the game with their match; it requires both people who have matched to answer the question before responses are revealed. The quiz will run in the U.S., Canada and additionally the U.K. from March.

 Bumble and Netflix billboard in Chicago that reads PETTY DRAMA, INFINITY POOLS, AND $75M LISTINGS GET YOU GOING, TOO. FIND THE DATE YOU'VE BEEN WATCHING FOR, with a close-up photo of a woman's feet walking in heels.

“What we watch says a lot about who we are, and this campaign is an exciting way for our community to connect over Netflix’s breadth of genres and titles. Our recent survey found that 72% of respondents have talked about TV and movies on a date, so we know this category is one our members enjoy discussing on their dating journey,” said Olivia Yu, Bumble’s global VP of partnerships, in a statement. “We look forward to bringing people together to celebrate their Netflix knowledge and help them find the date they’ve been watching for.”

“When we’re getting to know someone, it’s human nature to try and find common interests. It gives you something to bond over and go beyond surface-level conversation,” added Magno Herran, vice president of marketing partnerships at Netflix. “We love seeing people connect over Netflix shows and films and create their own communities around them. And with this partnership, we wanted to give people a way to find someone who gets them based on what they watch while leaning into “if you know you know” Netflix references that have helped to spark many conversations.”