Kristin Scott Thomas, Matt Smith and Naomi Campbell star in Burberry's minimalist holiday film

Stylish spot is directed by Juno Calypso

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Nov 15, 2018

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Burberry has lined up a host of stars to look stylish and moody in this year's Christmas campaign for the brand, including actress Kristin Scott Thomas, "The Crown" star Matt Smith, rapper MIA, Naomi Campbell -- and, er, Naomi Campbell's mom. 

The online spot is set to the "Carol of Bells" and is directed by artist and photographer Juno Calypso. It has a somewhat more minimalist aesthetic than, for example, the brand's lavish 2016 holiday spot about the life of its founder Thomas Burberry. In this spot, we open on a mystical-looking Winter Wonderland but pan out to find it's only on a TV screen, in a stark-looking diner where "The Crown" star Smith is lunching at a formica table with MIA. Meanwhile Scott Thomas looks beautiful but frustrated in her Burberry trench on a packed commuter train, and Campbell and her mother are pictured not on the catwalk but watching TV slumped on a sofa in Burberry check, Campbell lolling against her mom's knee. (There's one scene where they do, however, look suitably luxurious as they tuck into a festive feast.)

It's a stylish mix of grunge and glam: Burberry says the ad "explores the dance between the reality and fantasy of a very British Christmas, drawing on her own experiences and rituals; from the unpredictable British weather to family togetherness, delayed trains to festive feasts."