Burger King informs consumers that its restaurants are nowhere in sight

Outdoor campaign reminds passersby that delivery is available

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Nov 13, 2019

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Burger King isn’t afraid to admit its weaknesses. Its Halloween campaign revealed that ghosts don’t seem to have a taste for the Whopper, another effort showed how its food has sent consumers to the ER, while yet another campaign highlighted the dangers of its flame grilling.

Now, a new outdoor push running in France is informing customers that there isn’t a Burger King restaurant anywhere in their vicinity. Signs created out of Buzzman Paris feature the restaurant’s logo and an arrow with various distances or locations: 150M, 400M, 450M away or on the third floor of a shopping center, suggesting how far they may have to travel for a BK burger. But instead, they end with a line: “There is no restaurant.”

Customers need not worry, however. The posters promote the fact that they can now get BK in those areas through delivery service Deliveroo.