Burger King beats up on artificial ingredients in new ad

Anthropomorphic tomatoes, patties and more take a bat to the 'fake' stuff in new campaign from We Believers

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Jun 11, 2021

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With “Moldy Whopper,” Burger King let nature take its course to promote that fact that its famous burgers were going preservative-free. In a new campaign for Latin America, however, the brand is taking a more “hands-on” approach in showing how it has eliminated additives to the Whopper—by beating up on it.

In the brand’s latest work from We Believers, a gang of veggie-headed brutes, aka “The Naturals,” storms into a BK restaurant, where they take bats, fists and hammers to a "The Artificials," a crew of alienesque characters pulled straight out of a chemistry book.

A ballad in the background explains their quest:

They cleaned up the Whopper from artificial ingredients. Goodbye, Sodium Benzoate. Goodbye, Monosodium Glutamate. Goodbye, Polysorbate 80. Goodbye, EDT Acid … They say real food tastes better. Bye forever. See you never. Goodbye. 

Throughout, the veggies do all the dirty work while the leader of the pack, a burger patty, head aflame, kicks back in the parking lot with the getaway car, until Mr. Bun Head torches the final foe. The endline reads, “Sorry for not eliminating them forever.”

The spot was directed by Robert Llauro and Agustín Alberdi of Landia.

Previously We Believers was behind another “natural”-minded campaign for the fast feeder, the “Cows Menu” campaign, which earned a top honor in the 2021 Creativity Awards and set out to reduce bovine methane emissions by changing their diets. 

While the new spot includes MSG in the “enemy” list, a U.S. audience might see it differently as the FDA has found the ingredient, which occurs naturally in many foods, has deemed it generally safe, and one of the biggest MSG brands, Ajinomoto, has worked hard to fight against the xenophobia and racism it believes led to the ingredient’s bad reputation in the States.