Burger King's scary ads promise kids 'clown-free' birthdays

Campaign takes a jab at competitor's main man

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May 06, 2019

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If you have coulrophobia, turn away right now. 

Burger King’s new campaign might give you endless nightmares because they depict that horrifying childhood experience of being embraced by a scary clown. The outdoor ads slyly take a dig at McDonald’s main man (Ronald McDonald) by promising customers they’ll never have to worry about having a big red-nosed, pasty-faced, bewigged character menacing your little ones on what should be their happiest day of the year. 

Burger King Clown-Free Birthday ads

The campaign aims to remind customers that Burger King holds parties for kids too, just not the kind that may to traumatize them like the children in the ads. 

"Burger King knows that birthdays are a very big deal for kids and we believe they should be fun and clown-free," said Marcelo Pascoa, head of global marketing for Burger King, in a statement. "We prefer to be on the good side of children's memories, not the scary ones."

Created out of LOLA MullenLowe Madrid, it's the brand’s latest idea that has fun with its competitor's mascot. Previously, Burger King actually put clowns on a pedestal, of sorts, promising those dressed up as the creeps free Whoppers, if they stopped into the restaurant on Halloween

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May 06, 2019
Client :
Burger King (Israel)
Agency :
LOLA MullenLowe - Madrid- Spain

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