Burger King creates giant crowns to make sure customers stay safely distanced

The sombrero-like headwear is part of social campaign in Germany

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May 27, 2020

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Burger King employed another silly tactic to ensure that people continue to socially distance as countries around the world start to emerge from complete lockdown. In Germany, it debuted a new version of its crown designed to keep customers far apart from each other—it’s massive and looks more like a sombrero than the King’s go-to head adornment.

The idea arrives just as BK restaurants in Germany are starting to re-open dine-in services under strict regulations and according to cities' local rules. For the past two months, they've only been serving through drive-thru or takeout. It's meant to be a fun reminder for people to remember to stay safe—though some on social media found it problematic, noting how the crowns featured in BK Germany's social posts seem a bit too "small" to do the job properly. 

Last week in Italy, Burger King introduced another distancing strategy via the food itself—a Social Distancing Whopper packed with three times the normal amount of onions.