Josh Groban gives beans a musical upgrade in campaign for Bush’s Beans 

The musician dreams of beans and tries to reset their status as the ‘musical fruit’

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Apr 07, 2021

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Beans have long had a bad rap.

“Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot,” the song goes. 

A line like that, however, isn’t exactly a selling point.

Enter Josh Groban. The popular crooner is now giving beans a musical upgrade, singing about his love of Bush’s Beans in a music video that relives his childhood when other kids would make fun of the beans he brought to school for lunch.

It’s a must-watch spot from Carmichael Lynch, which won the Bush Brothers & Company account last year after the family-owned brand’s long relationship with Doner. The song was written by Groban and “Portlandia” co-creator Jonathan Krisel, who also directed the video.

The three-minute film has a wide range of scenes. There's a boy with a fake beard who fills in as Groban’s young self, as well as a dream sequence with Groban “on a cannellini cloud floating through the moonlight night.” Groban croons throughout, playing the piano and a bean-filled guitar. His dad even makes a cameo. And there’s a shot of Groban as a cowboy villain.

"When Bush's approached me with the idea to do something fun and musical, my first thought was how wonderfully weird it was. But I like the unexpected. And I love beans," Groban said in a statement. "I had an absolute blast writing and singing this over-the-top song. Eat your beans, kids."

The video coincides with an overhauled look for Bush’s, which now bills itself That Beautiful Bean Co. It's also launching a canned line called Sidekicks, with flavors such as Rustic Tuscany Chickpeas.

Bush’s had a separate celebrity-driven campaign earlier this year when it brought back Brian Baumgartner, Kevin from “The Office,” for National Chili Day in a project developed and led by Edelman. 


Apr 07, 2021
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Carmichael Lynch

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