Brace Yourself for Dollar Shave Club's Cringeworthy Ads About Grooming 'Down There'

'Butter Safe Than Sorry'

Published On
May 26, 2017

Editor's Pick

Dollar Shave Club first grabbed attention with its funny videos starring founder Michael Dubin, but its simpler ideas also pack a powerful punch. In fact, these new out-of-home ads about shaving "down there" will likely make you cringe.

Three posters use fruit and vegetables to suggest the male member -- a banana flanked by kiwis, an eggplant standing between a pair of potatoes, a carrot rising from behind two beets. In each, one of the orb-shaped figures has a ghastly slash, as if a peeler dug a little too deeply into the flesh.

The point? To promote Dollar Shave Club's Shave Butter. Tagline reads: "Butter safe than sorry."