Stella Artois Created This Amazing Handmade Zoetrope for a Clean Water Campaign

Mother and 1stAveMachine Worked on Tower of Spinning Glasses

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Jan 22, 2016

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Stella Artois created a hypnotic zoetrope of 384 beer glasses for its latest commercial showcasing its Buy A Lady A Drink campaign, a collaboration with to provide people in the developing world with clean water.

The film, directed by Bob Partington and Tim Brown of 1stAveMachine via agency Mother London, first focuses our eyes on the tower of spinning Stella "chalices" in a pristine white room; the idea is that Stella sells the glasses to raise money for installing water pumps. It then animates a story (via painted figures stuck onto the glasses) about how access to clean water can enable a woman to grow produce and sell produce, get an education and even go out dancing. As explained in the Behind the Scenes Film, creating this effect took hours of intricate handmade artistry -- the aim was to get the zoetrope to "tell a fluid story" that would act as a "three dimensional filp book."